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Display and Play 1959 Winnie The Pooh Handmade Framed Board Game

Display and Play 1959 Winnie The Pooh Handmade Framed Board Game

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Step back in time with this charming handmade framed 1959 Winnie the Pooh game.

Perfect for Display and Play, while reliving the nostalgia of childhood with this timeless board game. Bring joy and whimsy to any room, while celebrating the beloved characters of Pooh and friends.

Game History:

In 1926, English author A.A. Milne published the beloved story of Winne-the-Pooh with the wonderful illustrations of E.H. Shepard. He based the stories off of a teddy bear his son, Christopher Robin, owned. Other characters, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Tigger, were also Christopher's childhood toys.

Game Details:

🎲 Finished size = approximately 18" x 18"
🎲GORGEOUS board in great condition with rich watercolor-like illustrations.
🎲 Playing pieces are made of cardboard and have plastic stands. They are in great condition. Includes Grab Bag with color discs. Instructions are printed inside the box top. The box is sturdy and in great shape.
🎲 This is the 4th generation of this game since it's first Parker Brother's release in 1933. This was the last (I believe) version prior to Parker Brother's updating the graphics to the Disney Winnie the Pooh version in the early 60's.

Games contain small pieces and are not intended for children under the age of 4.

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