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Display and Play 1941 Monopoly Handmade Framed Board Game

Display and Play 1941 Monopoly Handmade Framed Board Game

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Experience the nostalgia and charm of the classic 1941 Monopoly game with our handmade framed board game.

Perfect for Display and Play, this piece will add a touch of vintage charm to any room. Relive the iconic game and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Game History:

Parker Brothers signed a contract with Charles B Darrow on March 19, 1935 and began selling Monopoly shortly thereafter. They quickly learned that the first patent actually belonged to Elizabeth Magie who's patent (after purchasing it from her) of 1,509,312 was the first to appear on the game after "Trade Mark" and then "Patent Pending". 

Game Details:

🎲 Finished size = approximately 21" x 21"
🎲 Board is in great condition for 80 years old. There are few light spots on the facing of the board and on the seam. Please see pictures and reach out if more are needed.
🎲 The box is in great condition! There are taped corners and scrapes on the bottom of the box. All dividers are present, as well. There were numerous versions of Monopoly made before 1958 that had small utensil boxes instead of the typical long box. They were sold alongside the board to be purchased as a set.
🎲 This version (as noted in the instructions) has 7 wooden tokens. All pieces needed to play are present as well as the instructions. All Chance and Community Chest cards are present as well as all the property cards. There is one unique hotel that is shorter than the others.
🎲 It is believed that this version, with just the train, was a graphic change by Parker Brothers to drop the metal tokens with respect to the war effort minimizing metal use.

Games contain small pieces and are not intended for children under the age of 4.

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